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We offer a variety of classes to get you started on your fitness journey. No experience required, you may begin immediately in our BURN and MOBILITY classes. BURN is a stand alone methodology design to get you fit through high intensity interval training. MOBILITY is a stand alone class dedicated to mobility and recovery, helping anyone that works out.

If you want more of a strength biased workout we recommend joining our WOD/CrossFit classes, as follows:

BEGINNERS - If you are new to CrossFit, we require that you complete our CrossFit Fundamentals Course. It is a comprehensive course intended to expose you to CrossFit methodology and prepare you to attend and participate in group classes. Check the details by clicking on the Get Started > Beginners tab above.

EXPERIENCED - If you have CrossFit experience, you are eligible to attend group WOD classes, without attending fundamentals. Simply click on the 'New Member?' tab at the top of this page and fill in our new member form along with signing our waiver. Once we receive your application, you are ready to attend any WOD class listed on our Schedule...


FREE TRIALS - locals only

If you are curious about TEKTON Fitness and you want to test drive our gym before you commit, don't worry, you can attend a FREE class to see if we are a match for you.

We have the following options to get you started:

  BURN & MOBILITY Classes - One week FREE (no experience required)

  BURN, MOBILITY & WOD Classes - One week FREE (CrossFit experience required)


For information or registration contact us at anytime via phone or email. Or, click on the 'New Member?' tab on the top of this page, fill out our form and we will contact you immediately.

5914 South 350 West
Murray, UT 84107 (view larger map)