Rachel G

In case I hadn't given the feedback yet, this is the best gym I have ever experienced and enjoy the culture in the gym and the people and instructors. I have never had this much motivation or felt this great in a long time. Thank you guys so much for the environment that you provide and everything you guys do.

Katie D

Hey I just wanted to give some feedback now that I've been coming to your gym for about three months.

I just wanted to say thanks so much to Ben! He is a really great trainer and I am really grateful that he takes the time to correct my form and help me out on the moves and all. I'm really grateful to him and I've been noticing improvements and all. I will tell him when I see him next, but thought of it now and just wanted to let you know I am enjoying crossfit and Ben is awesome!

Thanks very much, Katie

Brandon L

'I have always been fairly athletic and enjoyed working out. Somewhere along the way I lost my enthusiasm for a lot of things, including being active. That is, until I found out about Crossfit. Crossfit seemed like something hard, but I’ve never been afraid of doing something difficult. On a whim, I joined a local Crossfit gym, Tekton Crossfit, fully expecting rigorous workouts. What I didn’t realize is that Crossfit would change my life entirely!

I started working out three times a week at Tekton and noticed some great results in my physique in only 1 ½ months. Then, I started going to the gym 5 to 6 times a week for less than an hour a day. The physical results in only 4 months of Crossfitting even surprised me; I lost over 25 pounds during this time! More importantly, Crossfit and my gym have helped me to gain a new outlook on life. I now have a renewed enthusiasm for just about everything I do (except for doing the dishes)!

Alex W

Dropped in while on business and loved the experience.  The coach was very high energy and friendly. The group i WOD'd with was also very inviting and made me feel part of their box from the moment I walked in.  If I make it back to Salt Lake, I'll definitely drop in again.

Amber G

The owners/coaches are amazing and have a high level of coaching skills.  They care for all the athletes regardless of skill levels.  From old, young, fat, thin or pregnant women.  You'll find a fun, motivating place to workout. You'll amaze yourself of what you're able to accomplish. It's not just a gym it's a family.

Gino B

I have been going to this gym for about 2 years now and i have nothing but nice things to say about it. The atmosphere there is unlike anything I have seen and the people make the harder workouts manageable.  There is true a sense of community in this gym and everyone will cheer you on regardless of your skill/fitness level. Everyone matters and that is something that is not forgotten regardless of how many times you enter and leave the gym.

All of the coaches are extremely knowledgeable, friendly and invest in each person all that they can so that they can succeed. None are left to 'figure it out'.

I am extremely lucky that I found this gym. If you are on the fence about trying CrossFit or are not sure if you will like it, talk to any coach and try at least 1 beginner session. You will not be disappointed!

5914 South 350 West
Murray, UT 84107 (view larger map)